Tips and tricks for hiring a person with an intellectual disability

A person with an intellectual impairment has life-long limitations of cognitive and intellectual abilities of a person. Often this results in requiring supervision in connection with daily activities. Usually affects the ability to learn and apprehend, to solve problems or remembering.

Find our tips and tricks for hiring a person with this disability on the right.

  • Talk

    First of all talk to the candidate and find out whether he or she has any needs, other than the ones employees without a disability in your company would have

  • Adaptations

    Can any low- or no-cost adaptations be made to the environment in your company on the work-floor, if needed? Think especially about the way information is disseminated: in easy-to-understand form, not only in writing but also audio, pictures etc.

  • Mentor

    Think of appointing a colleague as temporary mentor of the new employee during introduction to the new job and to the colleagues; Help your staff to create a positive environment and avoid negative attitudes;

  • Skills

    Find out whether the candidate has the skills to perform the essential tasks in a function. If needed, non-essential parts of the function can be given to others, in order to make the function suitable for a person with a disability

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