Tips and tricks for hiring a person with a psychosocial disability

A person with a psychosocial impairment is affected by a condition that affects their cognition, emotion and/or behavioural control, interfering with his or her ability to learn or function in family and society. These impairments are not to be confused with intellectual impairments.

  • Talk

    First of all talk to the candidate and find out whether he or she has any needs, other than the ones employees without a disability in your company would have

  • Adaptations

    Can any low- or no-cost adaptations be made to the environment in your company on the work-floor, if needed? What is needed, depends on the type of disability the candidate has. Talking to him or her and possibly a care-giver will identify the needs.

  • Mentor

    Think of appointing a colleague as temporary mentor of the new employee during introduction to the new job and to the colleagues; Help your staff to create a positive environment and avoid negative attitudes;

  • Skills

    Find out whether the candidate has the skills to perform the essential tasks in a function. If needed, non-essential parts of the function can be given to others, in order to make the function suitable for a person with a disability

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