Tips and tricks for hiring a person with a hearing disability

A person with a hearing impairment is fully or partially deaf; depending on the degree of deafness and age at which the impairment was acquired a person may also have difficulty speaking.

Find our tips and tricks for hiring a person with this disability on the right.

  • Talk

    First of all find out whether the candidate has any needs, other than the ones employees without a disability in your company would have

  • Adaptations

    Can any low- or no-cost adaptations be made to the environment in your company on the work-floor, if needed? You can think of hiring a temporary sign language interpreter to explain the tasks the employee should perform

  • Communication

    Think about having your staff learn some basic sign language to make communication with their new colleague easier. Or look for other ways of communication, like writing, a smart-phone etc.

  • Information

    Make sure essential information is given in more forms than just in audio

  • Skills

    Found out whether the candidate has the skills to perform the essential tasks in a function. If needed, non-essential parts of the function can be given to others, in order to make the function suitable for a person with a disability

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