Forum on Disability Inclusion in Rwanda

In order to ensure a strong unified voice on Disability Inclusion, four Disability Organizations (UPHLS, NUDOR, NCPD and UWEZO Youth Empowerment) jointly organized the ‘Forum on Disability Inclusive Technical and Vocational Employment Sector’.

The forum’s main objective was to raise awareness of employers to employ skilled Youth with Disabilities (YwDs). The forum’s specific objectives were three fold:

  • To have an overview on policies and programs on employment for YwDs
  • To share practices and experiences with a larger audience of employers and other participants for scaling up the process
  • To strengthen collaboration among actors in technical and vocational employment for YwDs

The forum was participatory and involved presentations from speakers followed by interactive dialogue with the audience. The use of the documentary videos enabled to display evidences of best practices of YWDs at workplace.

We thank all Governmental and Non-Governmental partners for their will and commitment to implement and make the recommendations impact on Youth and adult people employment and their welfare at large.

Participants and speakers of the forum

Press Conference on Forum and IDPD 2019

Presentation of UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Stephen Anthony Rodrigues (Left) and MARUO Shin, Representative of JICA Rwanda Office (Right)

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